Legal Guide for ICT Companies in Albania   

We would like to inform you that CLO Legal Solutions, an Albanian Law Firm, has prepared a Legal Guide tailored for ICT companies in Albania. This Legal guide is designed as a set of ICT Legal insights and it is free of charge.

This is necessary because information technology law has become an important area with many laws that specifically relate to IT or ICT. It is known as, ICT law, IT law, information technology law, technology law, tech law, computer law, electronic law (or e-law), social or new media law, digital media law, Internet law, cyber law and web law. It comprises elements of various branches of the law, originating under various international convention where Albania adhere and many domestic laws and regulations. ICT market in Albania is generally new but it is expanding very fast domestically and internationally, especially software outsourcing. Data protection is becoming more and more vulnerable because cloud services are on the raise. Beside this Albanian ICT market is still fragile but very lucrative. 

How your firm profits from this free Legal Guide:

  • üYour managerial team will understand a broad view of Albanian ICT Legal Framework.
  • üIncrease law empowerment within the firm.
  • üProtect from unlawful practices or potential litigation.
  • üDecrease leak of classified information.
  • üIncrease your competitive advantages for software outsourcing processes.
  • üIncrease financial revenues and brand name.

Stay in touch with the following insights about critical legal issues such as Software Outsourcing Contracts, Copyrights, Intellectual Property, e-trade.

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