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Financial Advisory

Whether you are looking to make an acquisition, form a strategic alliance, raise or invest capital, perhaps through an initial private offering, or release funds through a sale or restructuring, CLO Legal Solutions finance specialists can help you minimise the associated risks and maximise the returns.

Our Business Advisory Services can work closely with the business management team in order to identify their current financial situation and design the strategic changes needed for the future.

We offer our expertise and advice in the following areas:

Debt Restructuring

Since the world financial crisis begun, the businesses face too many difficulties in servicing their banking facilities.

Our Business Advisory Services help our clients to identify their repayment ability and then to negotiate the best facilities restructuring solutions with their Banks. The over the years experience in the banking industry of our team members, enhance the best service a business can find tailored to its needs.

Our expertise may include:

- Negotiating with the Banks for and on behalf of the client;

- Preparing cash flow forecasts and present it to the Banks affected;

- Monitoring of the implementation by the business of the cash flow forecast.

Due Diligence

Buyers, lenders and sellers involved in mergers or acquisitions must identify the risks and the opportunities associated with the business under consideration. Conducting efficient and effective financial due diligence, helps all contracting parties to take the right strategic decisions. Value creation is more likely if the purchaser has a greater understanding of the target Company.


Our expertise and experience allows us to assist clients in the following:

- Competitor due diligence Understanding of the competitive context in which the acquisition will take place to understand how it will better position the acquirer and how competitors may respond to the purchase;

- Target industry due diligence
Providing analyses of the industry and where the industry is heading.

·         Operational due diligence.

Providing clients with an understanding of how much effort will be required to integrate the Company and evaluating the capacity of the business to function as a stand alone entity.

Financial due diligence:

- Reviewing on and off balance sheet assets and liabilities;

- Identifying critical business drivers, trend analysis and where the critical risk in the organization lie;

- Assessing the target’s quality of earnings and identifying whether accounting policies or methods used are overly aggressive.


Working Capital Management

By working directly with Company management, CLO Legal Solutions offers assistance to firms that are mismanaging working capital with a view to stabilize financial performance. Through making extensive analysis of the company’s trade relationships and operating cycle, our objective is to create a plan that makes sense and is able to be executed.

- Prepare cash flow forecasts;

- Prepare estimations of working capital needs and suggest ways to tackle them;

- Feasibility studies;

- Assist in the development of exit strategies;


Business Valuations

Although thoroughly analyzing the quantitative aspects of a business is important, a good business valuation also incorporates qualitative analyses of the business, the industry, and the economic conditions in which the business operates.

Companies seek valuation advice in a variety of situations to assist with strategic decisions, in support of M&A negotiations, corporate governance or regulatory reasons, or because management requests the value of an asset for business decisions.

Our expertise may include:

- Equity valuation using Discounted cash flow analysis;

- Equity valuation using the Comparable Approach;

- Mergers and acquisition valuations;

- Market research analysis;

- Supporting clients in business valuation disputes;

- Goodwill and impairment testing to assist accounts preparation;

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