Let’s leave aside simple case of establishing a limited liability company or changing the director. That does not describe the legal practice in Albania. 

Our legal practice covers clients who have reached the point when they control a list of companies, and even more complicated, they control it not on their own but share their rights and obligations with fellow shareholders.

It is expected that the body of corporate law allows for efficient, predictable and secure agreements and relationships. In practice, the Albanian law provides a framework with many unanswered questions. The higher the value of assets, the more one should deal, in a professional, diligent and proactive manner with the following issues:

  • Corporate governance and management issues;
  • Majority and minority protection;
  • Privileged shares;
  • Capital increase and anti-dilution clauses;
  • Group cascade, horizontal planning and vertical planning;
  • Share options;
  • Enforcement tools.

Through utilizing corporate law, corporations can determine how best to protect the interests of their shareholders and facilitate commercial transactions with customers and lenders.

CLO Legal Solutions represents both large corporations and smaller privately held firms engaged in a broad array of businesses.

Our lawyers advise clients who intend to establish a presence in the territory of the Republic of Albania on the available options such as the incorporation of local companies, forming of joint ventures and registration of company branches in the Albania. This important aspect of business usually involves drafting company memoranda and articles, sponsorship agreements or contracts as well as assistance in the discussions and negotiations leading to their conclusion.

Additionally CLO Legal Solutions provides services covering all aspects of corporate law, including:

  • Incorporation of corporations in the Republic of Albania;
  • Corporate entity formations and dissolutions;
  • Legal entity formations and dissolutions;
  • Partnership and joint venture agreements;
  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Start-up and venture capital agreements;
  • Strategic alliance agreements;
  • Sale and purchase of businesses/major assets;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Corporate financing and leasing agreements.

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