Employment Law

Labour is often the most expensive, most unpredictable, and most vulnerable asset in the business. Because there are humans behind it.

Our employment lawyers are adept at giving prompt and practical advice in the context of complex and frequently changing law and regulation in the employment and industrial relations field. We are particularly sensitive to the commercial interests of employers and their concerns and expectations of employees. A large part of our work in this area involves the provision of day-to-day advice to management and human resource departments on personnel issues as they arise.

CLO Legal Solutions has been involved in numerous major reorganizations, sales acquisitions and other commercial transactions, which have involved significant employment content. We advise on all stages of reorganizations involving either changes in the workforce or a change of labor practices and in the terms and conditions of employment of employees, whether unionized or not.

We advise a broad range of clients in Albania on the whole spectrum of employment issues, including:

  • Drafting contracts of employment, collective agreements and consultancy agreements for directors and other key employees;
  • Reviewing contractual documentation such as handbooks and manuals;
  • Drafting and enforcing restricting covenants, including working safety regulations;
  • The conduct of proceedings in the courts and advising generally on employment disputes;
  • Advice on new and forthcoming legislation and the implementation of new policies  to deal with this and generally on all employment related matters;
  • Termination of employment;
  • Advising on mergers and the associated transfer of key employees both locally  and internationally;
  • The protection of confidential information and intellectual property, together with  post-termination restrictions.

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