Banking & Finance 

There is institutional money, lended according to specific legislation and internal procedures; and there is private, perhaps more dynamic and also more expensive money.

CLO Legal Solutions has advised on some of the country’s most significant transactions, and provided advice a wide range of clients including international and local banks, multilateral financial institutions, issuers, other international and local financial institutions, state and local government, as well as local and international borrowers from every industry.

CLO Legal Solutions is capable of serving not only local but also complex and demanding cross-border banking transactions.

We have acted also as an enforcement agents.

CLO Legal Solutions offers expertise in all the key banking and finance areas in Albania, including:

  • Lending (general lending, leveraged, asset, real estate finance and other financing);

  • Structured finance;

  • Debt restructuring;

  • Trade finance;

  • Licensing and authorizations;

  • Ongoing regulatory advice (prudential, organisational and conduct of business requirements);

  • Outsourcing in the financial services sector;

  • Marketing and selling restrictions;

  • Regulatory investigations and enforcement cases;

  • Anti money laundering and terrorist financing regulations;

  • Financial and regulatory crime.

For further information about our services or to discuss a particular matter in more detail, please contact us on  +355 42 22 0022; +355 67 60 00 020 or  

Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring 

Experience tells that there is a human tendency to deny the truth until the truth starts to overwhelmingly overrule the daydreams. This applies equally well in Albania to indebted businesses as well as their creditors. Our mission is not to nurture daydreaming, but analyse the objective facts and provide feasible course of actions for debt recovery, debt restructuring, or complete restructuring of the business.

As a matter of fact, our attorneys have taken whole functioning companies into the receivership administration and managed a few hundred of employees and production inputs on the one hand, while dealing with production sales and creditors on the other.

We advise clients on the various alternative structures, which may be appropriate to an individual restructuring, while recognizing the importance of tailoring each restructuring to the legal, commercial and financial factors involved.

These can involve issues such as local legal, financial or political sensitivities, the expectations of the Albanian market, the nature of the business or company whose debts are to be restructured and the procedures, rules and policies of the lending institutions.

CLO Legal Solutions has the resources to deal with any matter, regardless of its size, complexity or the number or locations or the parties involved. We regularly advise clients on a full range of business restructuring and insolvency issues, including:

  • Debt rescheduling and refinancing;
  • Workouts and restructurings;
  • Debt-trading;
  • Creditor advice and bankruptcy governance issues;
  • Administrations and rehabilitations.

For further information about our Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring services or to discuss a particular matter in more detail, please contact us on +355 42 22 0022; +355 67 60 00 020 or  

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