Contracts are a crucial way of ensuring fairness in any professional relationship in which goods or services are being exchanged. 

It is the way in which each party involved is provided predictability with regard to their agreed upon outcomes. When creating a contract, each party should negotiate their desired terms and come to a final compromise with the other contracting party in the form of a written and signed document. Once signed, each party involved has an obligation to fulfilling all necessary portions of the contract in which they are designated to act. 

In some cases where you may be unsure about entering into a legally binding contract, it is in your best interests to seek legal counsel and contract review from our lawyers. We can help in the arduous process of reading page after page of oftentimes “legalspeak” and perhaps unclear language. We can uncover any hidden fees or stipulations buried in the document so that you do not find yourself in a surprising position to which you are legally bound to comply. Finally, we determine any potential risks in-between the lines of the contract so as to warn you ahead of time.

Drafting a contract in Albania requires legal advice and counsel in order to ensure all terms and conditions are appropriate and legally binding. 

Business Contracts

Whether you starting your own business or are already a successful entrepreneur, there are a multitude of contracts involved in business. Business contracts include employee agreements, service provider agreements, and many more. Having a contracts attorney help you understand that the contract or business deal you are entering does what you intend and affords you protection if problems arise can make the difference in ensuring a successful business transaction.

Construction Contracts

When working on a construction project, contracts are crucial in running a smooth and successful job. Construction contracts can include agreements between the owner and the prime contractor, between the prime contractor and subcontractors and suppliers and miscellaneous agreements with outside contractors needed to fulfil the construction project.

Real Estate Contracts

Whether you are buying a home or selling one, contracts are crucial in the real estate process. Buying a home means entering into a legal agreement with the former homeowner and the agency stating that you will now take possession of the house.

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