October 12th, 2017

CLO Legal Solutions contributed in the article Albania's Economy Booms...

CLO Legal Solutions in the person of Mr. Bledar Cenameri Managing Partner has contributed in the Article "Albania's Economy Booms ..." from Mrs. Claudia Patricolo of Emerging Europe Magazine, an international publication focused on Central and Eastern Europe.

“Over the past two to three years the number of new investments has grown, and new ones are being added daily,” says  Bledar Cenameri, managing partner of CLO, a Tirana law firm. “Albania is a growing market with a stable economic, political and legal structure, as well as a liberalised economic framework and good conditions for doing business. A fast reforming country with focus on the ease of doing business, with its excellent strategic location, free market access, low taxes and great incentives, as well as a motivated, educated and cost competitive work force, Albania is an excellent investment destination. The  registration of new businesses may be done in 48 hours, and we can take care for every detail to ensure that there are no obstacles. “

“The law attempts to create a hospitable investment climate, providing guarantees to all foreigners (either individuals or companies) willing to invest in Albania,” Mr Cenameri explains. “No prior government authorisation is needed and no sector is closed to foreign investment; there is no limitation on the percentage share of foreign participation in companies and 100 per cent foreign ownership is possible. What’s more, foreign investors have the right to expatriate all funds and contributions in kind of their investments.

“The government is also working to make additional improvements by decreasing tax pressure and by reducing barriers to business operations. The biggest challenge now is to make Albania the most attractive country to do business in Europe,” he adds.

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