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Insolvency Practices

The impact of the global recession is unprecedented, severely impacting the majority of the world’s economies. Whether these economies are still in a state of turmoil or have entered a recovery phase, organisations around the world stay cautious in managing their debts, and credit on the whole remains tight.

When a multinational organisation or domestic company finds itself in difficulty, it faces a complex set of issues that require technical expertise in a number of areas.

Our Business Advisory Services department can work both on behalf of the creditors, or the company, in order to run all the procedures needed until the company is deleted from the Trade Register or until the creditors reach an agreement with the company.

We offer our expertise and advice in the following areas:


When the company’s shareholders for many reasons decide to voluntarily liquidate the company, then CLO Legal Solutions can assist in running the procedure from the beginning until its very end.

The typical procedure includes callings of shareholders and creditors, realising of the company’s assets and settling its obligations. Beyond the typical procedure our company will also be responsible for all the communications with the relevant authorities.

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