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Business Process Improvement

The possibility of a company failing to meet its obligations is something very important and should be assessed in advance in order for the company to take all those necessary actions that will allow the smooth continuation of its operations.

Our team can work closely with the business management team in order to set up a mechanism for identifying all those risks and accordingly provide the solutions for handling them effectively. We can also assist in the design of internal processes and procedures with embedded quality measures in order to reduce as much as possible any elements of risk and uncertainty.

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a systematic approach first documented by James Harrington, that helps an organisation optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. According to research Business Process Improvement has been responsible for reducing cost and cycle time by as much as 90% while improving quality by more than 60%.

Our team has the tools, expertise and experience to allow us to help your business to improve performance through:

·         Reducing costs;

·         Increasing process efficiency and effectiveness (Sales Force Effectiveness);

·         Better utilisation of management information to support effective-decision making;

·         Improving control structures in order to better manage risks.

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