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Private Equity Albania


Private equity has rebounded since the global financial crisis, with buyout groups benefitting from renewed optimism in the sector.

Spotting the right investment remains the key challenge, along with rising regulation of fund managers and volatility in local markets. Having advisors with in-depth knowledge of market trends and industry regulations is crucial for making the most of strong investment opportunities.

Our Private Equity team has the global coverage and technical expertise to help financial investors pursue the right deals with the right terms by gauging risk, making appropriate trade-offs, and responding quickly to meet business demands. Working for more than 15 years in a fast developig market, our private equity lawyers conduct due diligence and help structure and execute complex private equity transactions. Our clients include pension, infrastructure, sovereign wealth and real estate funds.

As leaders in the private equty industry, we publish numerous thought leadership reports, including Private Equity Insights, a compilation of interviews with major clients.

For further information about our services or to discuss a particular matter in more detail, please contact us on +355 42 22 0022; +355 67 60 00 020 or

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