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Although the global market has become increasingly open to trade, disparate local laws and varied business and folkloric practices can make creating, distributing and selling goods and services in certain markets a major challenge. 

Local and International trade sanctions limit how companies can do business, as well as custom laws, exchange controls and foreign investment requirements.

Our trade and commercial lawyers help clients overcome these challenges and successfully compete in the world’s developed and emerging markets. We advice major industrial, financial services, technology, consumer products, pharmaceutical and energy companies on sourcing, manufacturing, distributing and selling their products and services around the world. We also help clients select, monitor and manage their relationship with the third-party suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and sales agents in their supply chains.

Well-versed n WTO, regulatory and commercial law, we advice companies on compliance issues such as anti-corruption, anti-bribery, trade sanctions and export and import controls, as well as commercial contracts, product labeling requirements, product liability and recalls, and sales promotion and marketing rules across multiple countries. No matter the issue, we focus on simplifying complex trade requirements so our clients can focus on growing their business.

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