Intellectual Property


Standard thinking of intellectual property is about patents, trademarks and copyright.

CLO Legal Solutions defines intellectual property as any mind creation which makes a product, a service or a business process successful. Added value by lawyers is to provide legal solutions for attaching this mind creation to the owning business only, and prevent its use by anyone else without the will of the owner. That is the philosophy, which should be implemented to each particular case.

Our IP team draws on the international resources of the practice to offer the fullest range of opportunities for protecting and enhancing the value of our client’s intellectual property in Albania. We approach each project in an innovative and commercially creative light before making realistic proposals for protecting IP assets and, where appropriate, generating the maximum returns. We have advised media industry, IT companies, food processing companies and industrial producers.

We offer:

  • Assistance to define, describe and store the intellectual property in a reproducible manner which can also be used as an evidence in a legal process;
  • Legal solutions to protect the intellectual property, as defined above. The list includes copyright protection, database protection, and contractual arrangements that bind anyone who has a contact with the protected object;
  • Legal action and enforcement against infringements of intellectual property rights;
  • Consultations regarding transfer of ownership, licensing and other arrangements;
  • Drafting of sale, distribution, know-how and employment agreements;
  • Consultations regarding data protection;
  • Advice on protection of confidential information, trade and commercial secrets;
  • Consultations regarding applicable national and international legislation.

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