Albania – Opportunity for foreign investors to lease public agricultural land up to 99 years

Any foreign investor may take profit from the opportunity of the Albanian government to lease public land for agricultural use. 

Lease agreements may be signed for a period of time up to 99 years.

Detailed procedures for obtaining public land in lease in Albania are defined from the Law no. 8318, dated 01.04.98, “On Leasing public agricultural land, forest land meadows and pastures” and Decision of the Council of Ministers n. 373, dated 20.06.2018 “Definition of criteria, regulations, procedures and agreement for leasing public agricultural land”.

The competent authority will lease agricultural land to applicants through auction procedure. 

For this purpose investors must submit to the competent authority a request indicating the land, size, general description of the proposed activity, detailed business plan, crops and technology, infrastructural investments in irrigation and drainage system, financial capacities, market, investment sources, environmental impact assessment of the proposed project drafted by a licensed environment expert, investments projects drafted by licensed specialists, infrastructural investments in the irrigation system, the financial capacities; the market; loans and investment sources, documents confirming that the applicant has no unpaid financial obligations and is in lack of criminal records issued by the responsible authorities, proposed lease based on the category of land application insurance of the value of the rent of one month for the indicated land.

Public lands are leased for a period of:
- up to ten years when the land will be used for the cultivation of fodder, legumes, corn, barley, medical, and decorative plants;
- up to 30 years when the land will be used for vineyards and orchards, greenhouses, and plant nurseries;
- up to 99 years when the land will be used for olive tree cultivation.

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